"Celebrating the Two Sessions, Greening the Double Parks" Tree Planting Activity Held in Reignwood Pine Valley


President Xi stressed on many occasions that we should pursue harmony between man and nature, improve global environmental governance, actively respond to climate change, and build a community of life for man and nature. At the 2022 National Committee of the CPPCC, Chairman Yan, member of the 13th National Committee of the CPPCC, submitted 10 proposals, 4 of which were about ecological protection and green development. Led by the concept of sustainable development, Reignwood Group has carried out 26 years of green action in Beijing Reignwood Pine Valley, which has become a model project for wind and sand control in Beijing. China's green development experience is going global along the important nodes of the "Belt and Road". Reignwooders have been making unremitting efforts in the joint construction of green ecological corridors to bring benefit to human society.

On March 12, Chairman Yan reunited with like-minded old and good friends through video connection, and jointly kicked off the "Spring Day Appointment" that has lasted for more than 20 years. Under the call of "Let us add a touch of green to our earth home ", the tree planting activity officially opened.

A total of 100 old and good friends of Reignwood, as well as employees of the Group at all levels, were invited to participate in the tree planting activity. Among the seedlings planted, 37 Chinese pines were specially prepared, symbolizing the 24th Beijing Winter Olympics and the 13th Beijing Winter Paralympics. The Olympic spirit will continue to inspire us to move towards a new century-long journey!

More than 10,000 yew trees from Yunnan were transplanted to Thailand" and Chinese plants affecting the world" will take root in Beijing and Bangkok at the same time. The combination of "China Red" with "Green Road" ??added a meaningful touch to Reignwood ASEAN Wellness Industry Demonstration Park.

Afforestation will benefit more generations to come. On the occasion of the Arbor Day, Reignwooders once again conveyed the theme of peace and development through green actions, calling for the joint building of a beautiful green home for all mankind, and adding a touch of green to the global village.