Electronic Version of the Kindergarten Children’s Football Manual Released for Free Download


In order to implement the important instructions spirit of the Party Central Committee on strengthening efforts on the soccer undertaking, further push the implementation of the "China Football Reform and Development Overall Plan", and promote the popularization of football among children and strengthen the construction of grassroots kindergarten’s?soccer?teaching corps, China Football Development Foundation, alongside Beijing?Reignwood?Culture Foundation and Guangzhou Podiyeen?Sports Development Co., ltd launched the Kindergarten Children’s Football Manual, which can be downloaded and used by the public for free from now on.

The manual is divided into 3 volumes, covering all stages of small, medium and large classes, with a total of 96 lesson plans and over 200 soccer games, aiming to create an innovative and cutting-edge popular soccer curriculum for young children with visual pictures and scientific collocation. A video tutorial of the Manual will be released at a later date.

To contribute to youth football undertaking, Reignwood Culture Foundation, in cooperation with the National School Football Office and the China Football Development Foundation, has also developed and published a national youth soccer textbook for ages 3-16, covering the entire basic soccer teaching curriculum for kindergarten, elementary school and junior high school.