"Meeting Wuxi in London" Exhibition Held in London


The Wuxi (UK) Investment Seminar was successfully hosted at Ten Trinity Square in London on August 9th. Except the event, the exhibition "Meeting Wuxi in London" created by the organizer and Reignwood Culture Foundation was well reviewed by many guests.

This urban visual exhibition is divided into two parts: the photo exhibition titled "Water endowed Wuxi with life and vitality" and the Wuxi Intangible Cultural Heritage exhibition. The "Canal" serves as a natural link between Wuxi and London. As London's mother river, the Thames Canal has witnessed the UK's rapid growth, while the ancient canal in Wuxi reflects the city's prosperity spanning thousands of years. This exhibition cleverly utilizes "water" as a universal symbol to connect Wuxi's past, present, and future through a collection of 24 group photos.

Wuxi, as one of the main birthplaces of Wu culture, Jiangnan culture, and canal culture in China, possesses a rich historical and cultural heritage. It is also a fertile land for investment and development. Last year, its per capita GDP reached 21,600 pounds, maintaining the top position among major cities in mainland China for three consecutive years. As a result, Wuxi has emerged as a reliable and promising investment hub, attracting investors worldwide and establishing itself as a center of innovation.

In the future, the "Meeting Wuxi" urban visual exhibition will showcase the enchanting allure of Wuxi to the?world through a wide array of formats. It will pioneer as the first urban visual intellectual property (IP), playing a crucial role in the transformation of Wuxi into a symbolic gateway, offering the world a glimpse into the essence of China.

Over the years, Reignwood Culture?Foundation has been actively committed to enhancing the understanding and respect for cultural diversity, as well as promoting the international dissemination of Chinese culture. The foundation has established cultural brands such as "When East Meets West" and " Silk Road?Journey",?placing a strong emphasis on strengthening international cultural exchanges and dialogues.

Against the backdrop of the 10th anniversary of the "Belt and Road Initiative," the Foundation is officially launching a new series of culturally themed events entitled "Encounter". These series activities will showcase the history, culture, technology, and art of Chinese cities through various means such as images and physical exhibits. The exhibitions will take place in China, the United Kingdom, the United States, Thailand, the United Arab Emirates, Singapore, and Hong Kong, demonstrating the charm of Chinese culture and promoting cultural exchange and mutual learning between the East and West. By organizing urban cultural events in different regions, the Foundation aims?to further enhance the international influence of Chinese culture and promote cultural exchange and integration between Chinese and international cities.