Reignwood Continuously Pays Attention to the Healthy Growth of Youth on Nutrition Day for Chinese Students


On May 20, 2023 Food Education China Summit Forum was held in Beijing. With the theme of "Promoting the Popularization of Food Education and Contributing to?a Healthy China". The forum brought together representatives from government departments, research institutions, industry organizations, enterprises, schools and hospitals, to study policies related to food education, actively explore new ideas for the development of food education and help promote the construction of a “Healthy China”.

The forum was guided by the National Advisory Committee on Food and Nutrition, organized by Beijing Yu Ruomu Charity Foundation, and co-organized by Beijing Reignwood Culture Foundation, COFCO Nutrition and Health Research Institute, China Industry-University-Research Institute Collaborative Association, etc.

Since 2020, Reignwood have united various social forces and entered 98 schools in Liaoning, Zhejiang, and Guizhou to popularize?nutrition and health knowledge and spread the concept of nutrition and health to 127,000 youth. It has effectively enhanced the public's ?understanding of food education and added vitality to China's nutrition and health undertakings.

In the roundtable dialogue session of "Food Education and ?Children’s Obesity", the guests had in-depth discussions on the health hazards of children's?obesity and factors affecting it, and gave professional guidance to solve the problem of children’s obesity from different perspectives.

This year is the fourth year of Reignwood's support for the "Healthy China Initiative Youth Food Education Promotion Campaign". In the future, Reignwood Culture Foundation will continue to actively explore China's food education model, seek innovation on food education practices, to contribute to the building of a healthy China.