Reignwood Participates in West-East Paired Assistance Initiatives


On August 29th, a?delegation of leaders from Tumurtai Town and Ulanhada Sumu Town of Inner Mongolia, accompanied by leaders from Jianwai Sub-district Office, Chaoyang district, Beijing, paid a return visit to Reignwood Group for the donation and assistance activities carried out by Reignwood?Culture Foundation. During the visit, the guests learned about the development history of Chinese functional beverages represented by Chinese Red Bull, as well as the cultural philanthropy practices?of the?Foundation.

Jianwai?sub-district?is the paired collaboration area with?Tumurtai Town and Ulanhada Sumu Town. In May of this year, the street launched a proposal for advancing the collaboration and paired assistance between the eastern and western regions. The objective was to engage businesses and institutions within its jurisdiction to actively contribute to these collaborative efforts. As a prominent enterprise in Jianwai Sub-district, Reignwood Group promptly responded to the proposal and actively participated in the assistance initiatives.

Over the years, Reignwood Culture Foundation has been committed itself to serving the needs of the country and society. It has kept investing in rural revitalization through building platforms, pooling resources and facilitating cooperation. Together with Reignwood Group, it has established a new assistance model integrating education, culture, industry, ecology, and consumption. This model has been applied in poverty alleviation and rural revitalization efforts in various regions, including Hubei, Hunan, Inner Mongolia, and Anhui province, promoting coordinated development between the eastern and western regions. Through practical actions. In the future, the Foundation will continue to consolidate the achievements in poverty alleviation, support rural revitalization, and contribute to the advancement of China's modernization.