Reignwood takes multiple measures to promote economic development


In response to?the latest national policy, Reignwood’s?four sectors of red, green, blue and gold are making strong efforts to contribute to the economy. Among them, Reignwood Theatre, Reignwood Pine Valley Ski Resort, Reignwood Mars Paradise?in Reignwood Dali?Health and Wellness Park, have taken advantage of the shopping boom during New Year's Day and Spring Festival?to take?the lead in promoting economic development.

In order to meet the needs of the people for a rich cultural life in the post-epidemic era, Reignwood Culture?Foundation, in?response?to the call of the State Council and Beijing?municipality?to encourage cultural consumption, has been actively supporting?cultural creation projects.?It has given special support for?the creation and arrangement of the project "Wishing Castle - Just in the Galaxy" which is supported by the Beijing Municipal Bureau of Culture and Tourism, to create China's first resident interactive drama that performs continuously for 365 days throughout the year. The play takes 12 constellations as its?inspiration, and the 12 constellations?birthday party interactive dramas are staged?in accordance with the constellation month. There are also constellation masters interacting with fans on the scene.?

In order to welcome the "post-Winter Olympics?era", promote the popularization of ice and snow sports, and?the sustainable development of the ice and snow industry, Reignwood Culture Foundation took the Beijing Reignwood Pine Valley?Youth Health Park as a pilot and jointly created?the youth ice and snow sports experience base?with?the Beijing Ski Association.

Reignwood Pine Valley?Ski Resort was?newly upgraded in 2022. It is only 40 kilometers away from the city center and has convenient transportation. A normal BURTON snowboard children's ski training park has also been opened to cultivate children's interest in getting close to nature.