The Chinese Football Association Youth Academy Beijing Football Base Lands in Reignwood Pine Valley


On October 29, the New Period of Construction Work Seminar of the Chinese Football Association Youth Academy Beijing and the Award Ceremony of the CFA Youth Academy Beijing for Reignwood Pine Valley Football Base was successfully held in Beijing Reignwood Center.

Yang?Haibin,?deputy director?of?Beijing Municipal Bureau?of?Sports awarded the plaque to Shen Zhu, secretary-general of Reignwood Culture Foundation, marking that Reignwood Pine Valley has officially become the football base of CFA Youth Academy Beijing.

The building of Reignwood Football Base is initiated by Yan Bin. Under the support of Reignwood Culture Foundation and with the help of China Football Development Foundation and the Beijing Football Association, it was completed on July 1, 2021 to pay tribute to the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Party. The football base is built according to the "5+1" standards, including five standard 11-a-side natural grass football pitches and one planned artificial turf pitch. All these pitches are in line with the international top training base standards with the turf quality and flatness ranking upstream level in the industry.

?With a new identity, Reignwood will officially start a long-standing charity cause. It will continuously cultivate and deliver talents for the country's sports and football causes under the concept of integration of sports and education, and contribute to green development.

Reignwood Pine Valley football base of the CFA Youth Academy (Beijing) will focus on the following aspects: one is the cultivation of high-caliber talents, the second is to host high-level competitions, and the third is to promote Chinese football culture.

Youth is the future of Chinese football. Reignwood hopes to work with all parties to do a good job in building, maintaining and operating the Reignwood Pine Valley Football Base. Focusing on the new development stage, Reignwood will help Beijing apply for the national football development key city, so as to add another sports card featuring football to this "Double Olympic City".