Twenty-eight Years of Continuous Greening Efforts by Reignwood’s Green Protectors



28 years ago, Beijing Reignwood Pine Valley?embarked on a journey of wind and sand control. 20 years ago, Reignwood?Jingui Lake entered a new stage of low-carbon development. 14 years ago, Dali Reignwood?Health Capital?started a campaign of greening barren mountains. In 2022, Reignwood?ASEAN Health Industry Park set up an international green cultural corridor.?Reignwood?Group has been contributing to?green and sustainable development?through practical actions.

Zhao Shifang, Manager of the Horticulture Department, Length of service: 21 years

Joining in Reignwood Pine Valley in 2002, he has grown from an ordinary employee to manager of the Horticulture Department. He and his team are responsible for the greening projects, landscape beautification, and garden management and maintenance, covering an area of 1.92 million square meters, totaling 2,882 mu. To protect this green haven, Zhao Shifang has summarized a set of experiences. Firstly, he insists the concept that maintenance is more important than planting and tries to achieve the healthy growth of trees and flowers and maximize the aesthetic value of the landscape. Secondly, he has adopted the accountability system to improve work efficiency by?dividing areas of responsibility according to profession and construction teams. Zhao said, "in the future, we will continue our efforts in creating a characteristic landscape where there are flowers in three seasons, greenery in four seasons and sceneries all year around.

Li Haichao ?Deputy Manager of the Horticulture Department??Length of service: 18 years

Joining in?Reignwood Pine Valley?in 2005, she is responsible for outdoor cultivation and planting of flowers. About 50,000 pots?of flowers are cultivated by her each year? in the greenhouse. She is also responsible for the daily maintenance and management of all green plants in the "Belt?and Road" biodiversity popular science education greenhouse and the Green Garden restaurant.

In the biodiversity education greenhouse which she is responsible for, over 300 varieties of desert and temperate plants as well as tropical flowers, such as bottle palms, nasturtiums, and pitcher plants are planted here, allowing children to appreciate these characteristic plants along the Belt and Road, experience biodiversity and learn to cherish its value. "I used to be mainly responsible for growing trees and flowers in the north?of China, so?when I first started working on the greenhouse science base, I was not familiar with the habits of many plants",?said Li Haichao. To do her job well, She often searched on the Internet to learn how to grow special plants?and under the guidance of professors and experts from the College of Agriculture, she learned how to adjust the temperature and humidity?to give?customized maintenance?for plants and flowers, and slowly has worked out her own?experiences.

Li Haichao constantly learns new cultivation methods and leads her team in outdoor flower cultivation. From flower seeds planting to flowering period, she would select the suitable planting environment according to the habit of flower seeds?as well as considering?the?soil, light and water conditions, and cultivate her own seeds, which has greatly saved?the cost of flower seeds.?Choosing garden color schemes is also one of the key considerations for Li and her team in designing the garden.?Li and her team choose to add a right amount of adjacent color combination?to the complementary color combination, to further liven up the color scheme.