Unveiling Ceremony of National Cultural Industry Research Center (Beijing) held in Reignwood Pine Valley


On November 19, the signing ceremony of the strategic cooperation between Beijing Reignwood Culture Foundation and China Nationality Culture Foundation and the unveiling ceremony of the National Cultural Industry Research Center (Beijing) were held in Reignwood Pine Valley. The National Cultural Industry Research Center will focus on three main areas and carry out a series of public service researches: national cultural characteristic diet research, youth aesthetic education and eastern and western garden art exchanges.

At the signing ceremony, Bai Guoqing, chairman of China Nationality Culture Foundation said that the Foundation established in 1988 is a national public charity organization under the charge of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism. After more than 30 years of development, the foundation has made active exploration and efforts in revitalizing national culture, protecting national art, rescuing national heritage, and promoting national spirit as well as supporting youth cultural education and children's aesthetic education.

Chairman Bai Guoqing said that the strategic cooperation with Reignwood Culture Foundation will leverage the power of social public service to advance cultural and artistic exchanges and development, the promotion, protection and inheritance of national heritage, and contribute to youth cultural and artistic education and training.

Shen Zhu, secretary-general of Beijing Reignwood Culture Foundation, stated that the Foundation, as a 4A-level non-public foundation, focuses on the three main public service lines of heritage protection, youth education and training, and international cultural exchanges. After ten years of development, the total assets have reached one billion yuan, 320 million yuan has been spent on public services, and more than 130 public service projects have been completed.

Shen mentioned that both foundations are cultural foundations sharing the same vision in terms of intangible cultural heritage protection and inheritance and youth culture and art education and training. Based on the common philosophy, the two foundations reached a strategic cooperation and took a substantial step by establishing the National Cultural Industry Research Center (Beijing).

After the signing ceremony, the guests visited Reignwood Ecological Restoration Museum to learn about the history of Reignwood’s efforts in wind and sand control and green ecological development.