“A Celebration by Ten Thousand People” Event held on July 1


July 1, 2020 marks the 99th anniversary of the founding of the CPC, and it is also the Brand Day of Reignwood Group. On this great day, Reignwood held the special event “A Celebration by Ten Thousand people; Ten Million Yuan Rewards” to show gratitude to our like-minded partners in fighting side by side with us and encourage all Reignwood staff at the front line.

During the past half year, under the strong leadership of the party and the country, the national epidemic prevention and control work has achieved tremendous results. Reignwood Group, along with its cooperation partners, has made tremendous contributions to resuming production and stabilizing employment. The staff at the frontline of the market, against all odds and difficulties, also achieved a new height in performance. Mr. Yan said that, “No matter how much the environment changes, the steps of and beliefs in the Group’s development must be resolute and long-lasting.”

The prizes for this event include consumer coupons, cash envelopes, generous gifts, etc. Chairman Yan Bin, together with the famous crosstalk performance artist Jiang Kun and representatives of Reignwood's branches, conducted an online "lucky draw" activity as the presentation guests, and the prize winners include distributors, employees and old friends.

On the day of the event, “the Glory and the Dream" 2020 Reignwood Online Concert was held. Tens of thousands of Reignwood people listened to the stories and songs about the Party. This concert aimed at strengthening their cultural self-confidence and promoting our tradition of respecting and caring for the elderly, as well as carrying down Chinese culture and the classics quintessence.

After the "Cloud Concert", the five brands of Reignwood FMCG Group jointly carried out their first live show at Tiktok with the theme of "healthy drinks, gifts to July 1". During the live show, the five brands Red Bull, Warhorse, VOSS, Capri Sun and Vitacoco interacted with audience respectively, to show the new ways of drinking summer drinks, and to provide audiences with discounted products for limited-time snap-ups and rich and exquisite gifts.