A new model helicopter for aerial shooting officially delivered to China Media Group at Miyun Airport


On March 30, the delivery ceremony of the new 4K/8K aerial shooting helicopters to China Media Group was held at Beijing Miyun Mujiayu Airport. Jiang Xiwei, vice president of China Media Group, and Jiang Wenbo, CMG editorial board member, attended the ceremony and opened the door to the helicopter hangar together with Zheng Gang, President of Reignwood Aviation Group. This marks the official appearance of the new type of aerial photography helicopter of the CMG, which will be put into operation for the live 4K and 8K aerial broadcast. At the ceremony, Reignwood Star General Aviation delivered the helicopter’s nationality registration certificate, airworthiness certificate, and radio station license to the CMG, and the two parties signed the delivery documents.

The newly delivered helicopter is equipped with a 4K ultra-high-definition multi-camera aerial studio with 8K ultra-high-definition aerial photography capabilities. It provides an innovative platform for the production of traditional TV and new media integration programs. It also marks that the aerial production capabilities of CCTV have reached world-class level. ?

The new 4K/8K aerial photography helicopter is one of the most cutting-edge models of light twin-engine helicopters. The helicopter, with a duration of 4.5 hours, has a fuselage with a total length of 12.7 meters, a wingspan of 10.97 meters, a maximum take-off weight of 3,175kg. The 4K aerial photography towed bird system carried by the new helicopter is one of the most advanced aerial photography systems so far, which contributes to stable aerial photography during flight.

Reignwood Aviation has three major operating bases and nine operating companies across the country, focusing on building a general aviation complete industrial chain pattern based on five major sectors: aviation operation, aviation services, aviation maintenance, aviation manufacturing and aviation sales. It was the first to obtain the five major licenses issued by the Civil Aviation Administration of China, and became the leading private general aviation company with the most complete general aviation operation credentials and the largest fleet in the country.