Chairman Yan Meets with Dwayne Johnson to Jointly Write New Chapters for VOSS’s Strategic Development


On August 5th, Hollywood superstar Dwayne Johnson met with Chairman Yan to discuss the VOSS global development plan. It is worth mentioning that since the announcement that Johnson became a VOSS strategic partner and consultant on July 26, the two sides quickly opened the prelude to mutual cooperation.

The two sides then discussed the development of VOSS in the world and China. Johnson has expressed his strong recognition to Chairman Yan for his keen insight into the high-end water market. He expressed his sincere admiration for the rapid development of VOSS which entered China in 2016. Also he praised the Group’s high sense of social responsibility in practicing poverty alleviation through industrial development and green development path. The two sides are full of confidence and expectation for giving full play to their respective advantages, achieving win-win cooperation and creating a glorious future.

At the meeting, Chairman Yan personally invited Johnson to come to China again in November, and after the meeting, he sent two gifts of special significance to Johnson. One gift is a painting by the children of Zhuxi County, Hubei Province, "Tree Planting". The gift represents not only a cordial greeting from VOSS China, but also hope for a better future from the children whose destiny has been changed with the help of VOSS, as well as the Reignwood’s social responsibility efforts.

Another gift is the photography book Beautiful China. Beautiful China is a large-scale cultural program jointly planned by Reignwood Culture Foundation and Chinese Culture Promotion Society. It records the best Chinese photographers, the beautiful scenery of China under the lens, and the images of China's World Heritage Sites. The "Beautiful China" album has also been presented as the most important gift to friends from all over the world to promote China's magnificent beauty and splendid civilization.

Reignwood Group, with fast-moving consumer goods as one of the core driving industries, has been focusing on the concept of “creating healthy life with healthy drinks” for many years, and has built the largest sales network in China's health fast-moving beverage industry. The combination of the two is an excellent example of cooperation between superstars and brands, and VOSS will bring unprecedented brand and product experience to consumers.