Chairman Yan was invited to attend the National Day Reception for Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan Overseas Chinese


On September 28,the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference, the Central United Front Work Department, the Overseas Chinese Affairs Office of the State Council, the Hong Kong and Macao Affairs Office of the State Council, the Taiwan Affairs Office of the State Council jointly held the National Day reception at the Great Hall of the People. Wang Yang, chairman of the National Committee of the CPPCC attended the reception and made a speech. Chairman Yan and over 3800 representatives from various circles of Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan attended the reception.

On the great day of the 70th anniversary of the Founding of the New China, VOSS Natural Mineral Water officially became the designated water for the Great Hall of the People, paying tribute to the new China with the brand concept of purity, distinction and responsibility. The Great Hall of the People is an important place for the state to hold internal and diplomatic activities. What is the reason for it to choose VOSS ?

The CPPCC member Mr. Yan Bin personally endorsed this "Poverty Alleviation Water"

In 2016, out of the simple feeling of “drinking water and not forgetting those who dig wells”, China VOSS Water Plant chose Zhuxi County, Hubei Province, a national poverty-stricken county as its water source, which is also the water source for the South-to-North Water Diversion Project. To build a water plant here, it requires the largest construction efforts and investment. The construction of the Reignwood Natural Mineral Water Plant was completed after three years after overcoming multiple difficulties caused by its location on a mountain as well as uneven roads and a difficult terrain, after which production started.

Since the launch of VOSS Natural Mineral Water in June 2018, VOSS China would donate RMB 0.01 yuan to support China's poverty alleviation business for every bottle of water sold. At present, among the employees working in the water plant, those who are designated as poor in the county account for 40%. The VOSS Water Project has driven the rapid development of the county’s industries such as infrastructure, logistics and transportation, agricultural products trade and tourism services, etc.

In order to protect the local ecological environment, Reignwood also invested in the construction of a large-scale sewage treatment station and artificial ecological wetland to ensure that the produced domestic wastewater will reach the national first-class A emission standard after being treated, and are then discharged after the advanced treatment of the artificial wetland. During the construction of the water pipeline, the company minimized the environmental damages caused by construction work and utilized the mountain’s features fully in order to build the pipeline overhead or to lay it underground. Once the construction was complete, the company proceeded to undertake the ecological restoration.?

As an internationally renowned drinking water brand, VOSS has long been favored by the whole world. Pure quality and responsible brand image have also made it the official designated water for many important international occasions and conferences. It made its appearance at the G20 Summit, APEC meeting, the Belt and Road Construction and Green Finance Development Forum, and the Hubei Global Promotion Conference, etc. From international politicians to Hollywood stars, many of them are attracted by VOSS. Even Hollywood star Dawn Johnson has become a loyal "fan" of VOSS. In the future, VOSS will uphold its initial aspiration and be a bottle of “Poverty Alleviation Water”, healthy and pure “Chinese Water”, and world well-known “World Water”, and add glory to the great rejuvenation dream of the motherland!