Chairman Yan Wins Champion of the "70 Years 70 Figures Entrepreneurs Influencing the Progress of China’s Food Industry "


On December 6, the 2019 China Food Industry Development Annual Conference & H.T Agriculture &Food Business leaders Conference hosted by the China Food Industry Association was held at Zhengzhou International Convention and Exhibition Center.

Yan Bin, Chairman of Reignwood Group, Li Baofang, Chairman of Maotai Group, Zong Qinghou, Chairman of Wahaha Group, Huang Kexing, Chairman of Tsingtao Brewery Group, and other entrepreneurs who have made outstanding contributions in the food industry have been honored "70 years ? Entrepreneurs Influencing the Progress of China’s Food Industry ". In a one-month period of online public vote, Chairman Yan received 667,113 likes and won the online champion of the "70 Years 70 Figures Public Vote on Entrepreneurs Influencing the Progress of China’s Food Industry ".

After twenty-four years of persistence and hard work, Chairman Yan created a new beverage category in China. Under his leadership, China Red Bull not only brought a new concept of drink to people, but also shortened the distance between China and the international beverage market. China has also become the world's second largest functional beverage producer and consumer in just two decades.

"We should embrace the Internet, integrate new technologies, and create a number of national brands that can deeply participate in international competition”, said Mr. Yan. With this goal in mind, in 2016, Chairman Yan launched a brand new "War Horse" energy vitamin beverage brand and it became the first national functional beverage brand to go out along the Belt and Road and quickly gained market recognition.

With the further maturity and segmentation of China's beverage market, Chairman Yan has included categories such as natural coconut water, natural mineral water, and children's juices into the Reignwood Fast Moving Consumer Goods brand camp, creating a health drink portfolio that is suitable for different consumers and meets the changes in consumption habits of Chinese consumers and the upgrade of consumption concept.