Chibi Black Brick Tea Industry Development Convention Opens with a New Outlook on Healthy Drinks


On December 11, the 2020 "Belt and Road" Chibi Black Brick Tea Industry Development Convention officially opened at the Chibi Yangloudong Wanli Tea Cultural Expo Center. Chairman Yan was invited to attend the convention and discuss about the innovation and development of national health drinks with leaders of the Xianning municipal government and industry experts and scholars. Afterwards, Chairman Yan went to the tea culture industry community such as the Yangloudong Ancient Town, where the main venue of the convention is located, and a Tea Plantation, to investigate the black brick tea culture and its industrialized deep processing.

This convention invites foreign guests from Sri Lanka, Russia, Malaysia, France, South Korea and other countries and important guests from all over the country. There are 14 sub-events in 3 categories, including the opening ceremony of the ‘World Tea Market’, and the Chibi Black Brick Tea Brand Strategy topic seminar, which aim to implement the new development concept, through leveraging the roles of the national tea industry association, the local government, enterprises and the market to further expand and strengthen the Chibi Black Brick Tea industry and create characteristic growth poles to promote the high-quality development of the tea industry and boosts rural revitalization.

With the improvement of living standards, Chinese people's health literacy is continuously enhanced, and health demands are increasing. On the day of the event, Reignwood FMCG Group held the innovation, application and development of non-alcoholic beverage. With the theme of "seize the trend of non-alcoholic beverage and lead a healthy life", the forum aims to explore new demands of consumers and strengthen product innovation by discussing with experts and scholars the development trend of the beverage. Chairman Yan mentioned that there are many kinds of Chinese good tea, and we should strength their innovation and applications and develop beverages that are more suitable for children to improve their physical fitness thus to contribute to the health of the Chinese people.

On the day of the event, as an important part of the China Chibi International Photography Exhibition, the Silk Road Journey international photography exhibition (Hubei Chibi stop) hosted by Reignwood Culture Foundation and co-organized by the Photo Network Center of China News Service was held at the ancient battlefield in Chibi. The Silk Road Journey Belt and Road International Photography Exhibition Global Tour was launched by Reignwood Culture Foundation in Beijing in March 2016. Up to now, twenty exhibitions have been held during the tour in London, UK, Hong Kong, Singapore, Atlanta, USA, Xiamen, Dali, and other countries and regions.