China Functional Drink Museum Opens at Reignwood Center


On September 1, with the presence and witness of the the inauguration ceremony of "China Functional Drink Museum" was held in Beijing Reignwood Center. The leaders of China Beverage Industry Association, China Health Care Association and other related associations and media guests attended the ceremony. The museum introduces the 30-year history of China’s functional beverage industry from its budding, development to prosperity. It also exhibits China Red Bull’s precious historical materials from its signing of 50-year agreements in the 1990s, gaining market access, to consumer cultivation in the 1990s.

Zhang Jinze, vice chairman of the China Beverage Industry Association, said in his speech, “China Red Bull has done a lot of market cultivation work, fostered a large number of industry talents and heavy consumers for several decades, and thus has promoted the stability of functional beverages and the entire beverage industry. It is an important force in China's functional beverage industry."

Over the past more than 40 years of China's reform and opening up, China Red Bull has become a pioneer in the functional beverage industry, as well as a witness and beneficiary of China's reform and opening up. Yan Bin is hailed as the "the father of Chinese functional drinks". "Drink Red Bull when you are thirsty; drink Red Bull whenever you are sleepy or tired", "Your energy is beyond your imagination" and other popular brand slogans of Red Bull in China, fostered Chinese people’s basic understanding of functional drinks.

At present, China Red Bull has 600,000 core terminals and more than 4 million sales outlets, directly creating nearly 15,000 jobs, and the entire industry chain involves millions of jobs. In 2012, China’s Red Bull’s national sales exceeded 10 billion yuan for the first time; in 2014, it exceeded 20 billion sales, doubling in two years. Red Bull’s annual sales surged from fewer than 200 million cans in the previous eight consecutive years to 5.5 billion cans. It has maintained a growth rate of more than 33% for five consecutive years. Today, in terms of the comprehensive value evaluation of enterprises such as brand value, channel value or production capacity, China Red Bull is firmly ranked as the industry leader. In the first half of 2020, the total sales of the functional beverage segment operated by Reignwood FMCG was 14.109 billion yuan, of which the Red Bull vitamin functional beverage reached sales of 13.393 billion yuan, maintaining stability against the trend.

Driven by China’s Red Bull, functional drinks have become the fastest growing category in the beverage industry. Manufacturers and brands are growing rapidly, and their market share will further increase. The War Horse brand operated by Reignwood FMCG will not only focus on cultivating a new generation of young consumers, but also focus on the exploration and development of overseas markets along the Belt and Road.

Experts at the meeting said that the completion of the China Functional Beverage Museum also reflects how the industry's leading company, China Red Bull, has the courage to assume industry responsibilities and is willing to contribute to social welfare undertakings.