Deepen the integration of sports and education, Reignwood Joy Carnival grandly opens


On May 1, the 2021 Reignwood Joy Carnival opened in Beijing Reignwood Pine Valley. The atmosphere of the event was buzzing. The event featured not only the British original animation stage drama "Shaun the Sheep" , but also the Spartan Race for Kids, helicopter riding experience, health testing and consultation services, etc., ranging from culture, sports to health and education, aiming to build a youth education and sports exchange platform.

Through close contact with nature, it offers children an opportunity not only to fall in love with outdoor sports but also to challenge and break through themselves. Reignwood Youth Golf and equestrian sports allow the Spartan kids to complete their journey of rapid growth through surmounting numerous obstacles, and the Parent-Child Games help to enhance their body coordination and cooperation awareness.

During the event, we also invited renowned doctor to give on-site consultations about health-related issues of young people ranging from teeth to eyesight, etc. It was also live streamed for those who couldn't join in person. In addition, a public good special session for testing of high myopia susceptibility genes was set up to help diagnose the myopia gene and formulate prevention and treatment plans as soon as possible.

Watch the original British pantomime to get a different culture experience. Learn basic knowledge about pets from professional teachers, and have fun interactions with the pets. Take the Reignwood Warhorse helicopter to view the magnificent mountains and rivers of the motherland.

As the Beijing Youth Sports Demonstration Base and the Beijing Youth Ice and Snow Activity Center, Reignwood Pine Valley will hold health lectures, forums and exchange events to cultivate sports culture in the future, and regularly hold junior golf league competitions, winter and summer camps, youth equestrian and other activities to drive the development of youth undertakings.