Food education helps healthy growth of teenagers


As the domestic epidemic situation gradually improves, students return to school to continue their studies, and student health work has become a hot spot paid attention by the government and the public. May 20 is in the National Nutrition Week and marks the 31st "Chinese Students Nutrition Day”. The public service program "Healthy China Action- Food Education Promotion Action" sponsored by the China Nutrition Meal Industry Collaborative Innovation Work Platform and Beijing Reignwood Culture Foundation was opened on that day.

Focusing on the nutritional safety of Chinese students and centering on the theme of "reasonable diet and good habits ", Shen Zhu, Secretary General of Beijing Reignwood Culture Foundation, ?and Cai Yongfeng, Executive Vice President of the Collaborative Innovation Work Platform of China's Nutritional Food Industry, Yang Qiulan, Deputy Editor-in-Chief, and Zhao Wenhua, the chief expert in nutrition of the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention, conducted in-depth discussions on how to improve students' knowledge about nutrition and health through food education.

Shen Zhu said that the sudden outbreak of the new coronavirus has further strengthened the public’s desire for health and nutrition. Scientific intake of food and nutrition is an important part of health, and some health concepts still need to be transformed. Take the children’s beverage Capri-Sun as an example; we once believed that 100% juice is best, however, we later discovered that a drink with 10% fruit juice is most healthy.

Since its foundation, Reignwood Culture Foundation has included the healthy development of adolescents as one of its four major principles. Under the guidance of the "Healthy China 2030" Planning Outline, this year it has also paid more attention to the nutrition and health for adolescents. This public service program "Healthy China Action- Food Education Promotion Action" aims to contribute to the development of the national health undertaking.

The project will promote food education in campuses through ways such as displaying students’ meals of primary and junior schools across the country and food education comic video publicity. It aims to help more students and parents to continuously improve their body immunity through a balanced diet, and at the same time consolidate the achievement of prevention and control of the new coronavirus.

As a children's juice beverage of Reignwood FMCG Group, Capri-Son has not only brought natural high-quality juice products to Chinese children since its entry into the Chinese market in 2015.

It also pays close attention to the healthy growth of young people. As the supporting brand of this charity project, Capri-Son hopes to pass on nutrition and health knowledge to more children.