Mountains in Red Poetry Recital Concert held in Reignwood Theatre


On September 30th, to celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival and National Day, the poem recital concert "Mountains in Red" hosted by Reignwood Culture Foundation was held at Beijing Reignwood Theatre. Literati and scholars from all walks of life gathered together to review the poems of the founding leader Mao Zedong and to promote national self-confidence and patriotism.

As a patriotic overseas Chinese leader, Chairman Yan Bin always cares for the motherland. Together with his old friend Mao Jianyuan, He recited the poem" Changsha—to the tune of Qin Yuanchun", conveying his deep emotion for the nation and motherland to the audience.

The three old articles written by Chairman Mao which are In Memory of Norman Bethune, Serve the People and The Foolish Old Man Who Removed the Mountains and the poems Mount Liupan - to the tune of Qing Ping Yue and The Long March which are produced during the long march period were recited during the concert to promote the long march spirit. Also, Qiu yun, the daughter of the Peking Opera master Qiu Shengrong sang the Peking Opera To be opposed by the enemy is not a bad thing, but a good thing during the concert. This event specially invited the famous conductor Liu Fengde, who together with many well-known artists led the audience to look back on the hard journey of the Chinese revolution and to celebrate the new era.

On the day of the event, the "South Shen and North Yu" calligraphy exhibition hosted by the Reignwood Culture Foundation was opened. The guests brought their calligraphy works to the scene and gave a detailed introduction to the audience.

Reignwood Culture Foundation has gone through ten years and has always adhered to its original cultural aspirations. It has created a series of internationally influential cultural brands such as "When East Meets West", "Beautiful China", and " Silk Road Journey". More than a hundred cultural exchange events were held, becoming a bridge to promote cultural exchanges and mutual learning between the East and the West.