Racing against the epidemic, Reignwood Group aids the construction of Lei Shenshan Hospital


On January 31, under the coordination of the Red Cross Society in Hubei and other relevant departments, Reignwood Group shipped the first batch of 4,300 boxes of donated materials to the construction site of Leishenshan Hospital to meet the daily needs of construction workers for healthy functional drinks and mineral water.

At the same time, in the current critical period of fighting against the epidemic, Reignwood FMCG Hubei Branch acted quickly and took the lead in mobilizing employees in various cities in Hubei Province, where the epidemic was the most severe, to carry out transportation of donated material. On January 31, a total of 9049 boxes of products were successfully donated, including 2840 boxes of Red Bull Vitamin Functional Drinks, 3674 boxes of War Horse Energy Vitamin Drinks, 2170 boxes of VOSS Natural Mineral Water, and 365 boxes of Capri-Sun Juice Drinks.

Since Reignwood Group urgently started dispatching goods and material and implementing donation process on January 25, within only a period of one week, a total of 29 branches of Reignwood FMCG national production bases and sales companies have donated the first batch of 23,559 boxes of material and had communicated with over 60 organizations and hospitals.

Reignwood FMCG's VOSS natural water production base in Zhuxi, Hubei also actively participated in the deployment and donation of epidemic prevention and control products. The relevant person in charge of VOSS project said that, the VOSS natural mineral water project is a major project as part of the targeted poverty alleviation efforts of Reignwood Group and Shiyan City, and it must not be absent in the battle against epidemic in Hubei. We hope that the health quality of VOSS water can support the warriors on the frontline of epidemic outbreak in Wuhan.