Reignwood Aviation transports aid materials to Hubei for a second time


On March 9, Reignwood Star General Aviation urgently received the materials donated by the Institute of Pathogenic Biology of the Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences and Peking University Third Hospital, and transported these materials to their respective medical aid team for Hubei. These materials include 13 boxes of daily supplies, 17 boxes of quick-drying clothes and disposable supplies, 28 medical consumables and reagents. In addition to living supplies, this flight also carried a number of important scientific research reagents to provide supplementary medical supplies for Wuhan epidemic research.

Due to the rain on the night before takeoff, the aircraft got covered with frosts. At daybreak of the next day, the crew defrosted the aircraft at the fastest speed and made all pre-flight preparations. At noon, the plane landed at Wuhan Tianhe Airport. Boxes of materials were carried off the plane, and were transferred rapidly to the recipients. Reignwood Star had once again successfully completed the task of transporting aid materials to Hubei.