Reignwood Group Urgently Dispatched Goods and Materials Worth of 10 Million Yuan and Helps Transport to the Frontline of Coronavirus Outbreak


Since the outbreak of the new coronavirus in January of this year, Reignwood Group has acted quickly, having prepared emergency products worth 10 million yuan, and organized about 600 special staff members and more than 100 vehicles to transport and move donated materials to the medical workers on the frontline of the coronavirus outbreak.

On January 25, FMCG Hubei branch donated 900 boxes of functional drinks (Red Bull Vitamin Functional Drink and War Horse Energy Vitamin Drink) to the hospitals treating coronavirus patients through the Wuhan Red Cross. Under the current severe shortage of manpower for fighting the epidemic, 10 staffs in Wuhan, under the professional guidance of the Wuhan Red Cross and hospitals, moved the first batch of materials to the relevant hospital logistics center before the total prohibition in the central city.

Reignwood FMCG's 41 production bases and business units across the country launched prompt and comprehensive donation. ?Nineteen branches in provinces including Hubei, Henan, Guangdong, Anhui, and Jiangxi, where the outbreak was most severe, completed their first donations by January 29. The products were functional beverage products that can alleviate the fatigue of medical staff. The first phase of the donation is expected to be completed by February 3, and a total of 366,000 cans of functional beverage products will be donated nationwide. The second phase of its donation will focus on supporting the needs of staff in the prevention and control of hospital construction and medical treatment in the “red zone” of the epidemic. At least 10 million yuan worth of products and materials have been donated by the Group. Further donation will be added according to the development of the epidemic.