Reignwood Group won the Case of the Year Award of the 15th People's Corporate Social Responsibility Award


On December 12, the 2020 People’s Corporate Social Responsibility Summit Forum & the 15th People’s Corporate Social Responsibility Award Ceremony, was held in Beijing under the guidance of People’s Daily and hosted by People.com. Reignwood Group won the “Case of the Year Award” of the 15th People’s Corporate Social Responsibility Award for its outstanding contributions to epidemic prevention and resumption of work and production in 2020.

The People's Corporate Social Responsibility Award event hosted by People.com was established in 2006. As the earliest and most influential corporate social responsibility event in China's Internet industry, it has been held for 15 consecutive sessions and is regarded as an important metric for measuring the fulfillment of social responsibility by Chinese companies.

In 2020, in face of the new coronavirus epidemic, Reignwood Group stood firmly together with the country and fight shoulder to shoulder with the people. From the lockdown of Wuhan, at the most critical moment of the epidemic, over 2,600 Reignwood leaders and employees had been engaged in donation activities to aid medical staffs in Hubei and other regions as well as local organizations fighting against the epidemic, sending tens of millions of products and materials to the frontline of anti-epidemic. After the epidemic occurred, Reignwood Aviation took the initiative to apply to aid Wuhan in fighting against the epidemic. It has made five flights to Wuhan, transporting a total of over 4 tons of medical supplies to Renmin Hospital of Wuhan University and Zhongnan Hospital of Wuhan University and other organizations at the frontline of the epidemic outbreak.

In the future, Reignwood Group will stick to its original aspirations, actively fulfill its social responsibilities, carry forward the great anti-epidemic spirit, and make more contributions to the development of social welfare undertakings while forging ahead towards the goal of high-quality development in the 14th Five-Year Plan.