Reignwood Helps with Post-disaster Reconstruction


Since August 18, heavy rainfall and water from upstream have led to the flooding of the Yangtze River No. 5 and of the Jialing River No. 2, which have consequently passed through the central city of Chongqing. At 14:00 on the 18th, Chongqing activated the first-level flood control response for the first time ever recorded. 263,200 people in 15 districts and counties were affected, and 23,700 shops were flooded.

In order to support Chongqing’s dredging and post-disaster reconstruction work, on the morning of August 22, a seven member emergency team from Reignwood FMCG Chongqing Branch came to Nanbin Road, Nan’an District, which was severely affected by the disaster, and through the Red Cross of Nan’an District, delivered healthy drinks such as War Horse energy vitamin drinks and natural mineral water Voss to the joint command center composed of armed police, firefighting, environmental sanitation and other related agencies stationed at the dredging site, in order to help Chongqing rapidly restore work and production.

Since the start of this year’s flood season, torrential rains have affected parts of southern China. On the August 1st Army Day, the Anhui branch of Reignwood FMCG and their distributors visited the officers and soldiers who were conducting rescue work during the heavy floods, at the Zhou Qiao troops, sending them Red Bull Vitamin Functional Drinks. On August 19, Mianyang Office of East Sichuan Branch of Reignwood FMCG Group and distributors jointly donated the War Horse energy vitamin drinks to the rescue team.