Reignwood is Taking Continuous Action in Poverty Alleviation


The National Poverty Alleviation Summary and Commendation Conference was held in the Great Hall of the People in Beijing on February 25. President Xi Jinping delivered an important speech at the conference. He emphasized that through the joint efforts of the whole party and the people of all ethnic groups in the country, at the important moment of ushering in the centenary of the founding of the Communist Party of China, China has achieved a comprehensive victory in the fight against poverty. According to the current standards, all 98.99 million rural poor people have been lifted out of poverty, and all 832 poor counties have been lifted out of poverty. After taking off their hats, all 128,000 poor villages were listed, the overall regional poverty was resolved, the arduous task of eradicating absolute poverty was completed, and another miracle in history has been created!

In this extraordinary victory, Reignwood Group took the initiative to closely focus on the central government’s major strategic plan for comprehensively winning the fight against poverty in 2020, and has taken continuous measures to achieve poverty alleviation through industrial and cultural development, education as well as consumption in poverty-stricken areas in Hubei, Hunan, Anhui, Shaanxi, and Inner Mongolia.

Reignwood VOSS Mineral Water project is a key targeted poverty alleviation program of Reignwood. Reignwood VOSS Mineral Water Plant was officially put into operation in June 2018. According to statistics, the water plant promoted the construction of the 70-kilometers-long village road, solving the travel problems lasting many years for local people. The accumulated investment of the project is over 1 billion yuan and its annual production capacity is 250,000 tons. Through the “Ecological + Industry + Education” innovative green poverty alleviation model, it strived to alleviate local poverty and has received wide recognition from all circles of life. Reignwood VOSS mineral water project was officially included in the national poverty alleviation project list on May 30, 2018, and won the "Annual Poverty Alleviation Award" and "Excellent Case of Targeted Poverty Alleviation" in the 13th People's Corporate Social Responsibility Award. In January 2021, Reignwood VOSS (Hubei) Beverage Co., Ltd. was awarded the "Hubei Province Employment and Poverty Alleviation Caring Enterprise". In September 2018, the VOSS Water source was officially named "Green Mine" by the Zhuxi County Land and Resources Bureau, and was included in the 2020 National Green Mine List, becoming the first national-level green mine in Shiyan City.

In order to strengthen the industry’s role in poverty alleviation, Reignwood VOSS has taken a series of measures to establish a long-term mechanism for targeted poverty alleviation. Firstly, it created a “poverty alleviation workshop” to activate the interior motivation for poverty alleviation. Secondly, it has been adhering to green development and strictly abiding by environmental protection laws. Thirdly it has been focusing on education and poverty alleviation undertakings, and set up a poverty alleviation education fund. It is also implementing the “Full Industry Chain Plan”.

Besides all those poverty alleviation efforts, in 2019, Reignwood Culture Foundation participated in fixed-point poverty alleviation in Shucheng, Anhui province and Yanan, Shaanxi province. Through poverty alleviation procurement and precision assistance, it aims to help local poor farmers develop characteristic agricultural products, and promote sustainable income growth and sustainable agricultural development. It also co-founded the Beijing Intellectual Youth Education Fund to provide support for education in the old revolutionary base areas and the Tumed Left Banner area in Inner Mongolia and promote local teen’s healthy growth and comprehensive development.