Reignwood Pine Valley Won the "Green Development Award" of the 2019 People's Corporate Social Responsibility


On December 27, Reignwood Pine Valley won the "Green Development Award" of the 14th People's Corporate Social Responsibility directed by the People's Daily and hosted by the People.com.

Twenty years ago, Reignwood Ecology Park was originally known as an ecological wasteland and one of the five major sandstorm hazards in Beijing. In 1995, through the recommendation of the Beijing Municipal Government and relevant local authorities, Reignwood Group carried out a 22 years of ecological restoration, environmental greening and landscaping construction projects. 25 million cubic meters of earth were backfilled and 33.5 million square meters of sand pits were restored. 10 million seedlings were planted and the greening rate reached 98%. The Group invested a total amount of 2.5 billion yuan to have successfully transformed the former windy and sandy land into a beautiful green park.

Today's Reignwood Pine Valley is green and vibrant, bringing together health industries such as leisure and sports, hotel and catering, health management, high-tech agriculture, and has become a unique tourist destination connecting the North Beijing Great Wall and Zhangjiakou. In the future, Reignwood Pine Valley will build a Reignwood Ecological Art Museum. Through the Internet and real-world technology and other display methods, it will promote the popular science education of green ecology for young children to enhance their environmental protection awareness and further showcase the achievements of ecological progress and spread green culture.

Continuing the concept of technological and ecological innovation, Reignwood Group's green development experience has been extended to the whole country. In Dali, Yunnan and Zhuxi, Hubei and other places, it has actively advocated green transformation and upgrading, helping to implement the "Seven Major Actions" for Erhai Lake, building "green mines," and implementing ecological poverty reduction. In the future, Reignwood Group will continue to shoulder the responsibility of leading the social trend of environmental protection, strengthen the inner driving force for economic development, and contribute to building an ecosystem that respects nature and green development.