Reignwood Public Service Cultural Song "Pursuing Dreams Fearlessly" is Officially Released Globally


To celebrate the 100th anniversary of the founding of the party, on October 3, at the "Reunion of Families and Prosperity of the Country" ecological cultural event, the public service cultural song "Pursuing Dreams Fearlessly" was officially released. This song celebrates the spirit of the Party and strivers and delivers the Reignwooders' spirit of surmounting all obstacles to achieve the goal and their love for the country.

Since July 1, 2021 when the selection of the public service cultural song event which was proposed by Chairman Yan and initiated by Reignwood Culture Foundation, started, more than one hundred works written by Reignwood staff and old friends of the Group, were received over a hundred day period, expressing their love for the country, the party and the enterprise. ?

Online voting was launched through Reignwood Group's WeChat official account and Will Go APP, nearly 8 million participated in the voting. After online selection and the evaluation of experts, the theme song Pursuing Dreams Fearlessly was finally selected to be the theme song.

The "Best Creation Award", "Most Popularity Award" and "Excellence Award" were presented during the event. At the premiere ceremony, the well-known composer Qi Jianbo shared his story of creation of the song and led the chorus to sing the song. The ecological culture cooking competition was also held during the event to promote the Chinese food culture and a healthy lifestyle.