Reignwood Ten Trinity Square Makes Its Appearance at the 2019 International Architectural Heritage Protection and Restoration Expo in Shanghai


From October 31st to November 2nd, 2019, the 3rd International Architectural Heritage Protection and Restoration Expo was held in Shanghai, with the theme of "Consolidated Efforts for Heritage Protection and Social Development" as the theme, showed the overall situation of the cultural heritage protection industry at home and abroad, calling on the whole society to work together to protect the common cultural heritage of mankind. During the Expo, Ten Trinity Square, as a classic example of multinational architectural heritage protection and restoration cooperation, fully demonstrated China's capital and cultural soft power today.

Located in the City of London, Ten Trinity Square, which is adjacent to the Tower of London and Tower Bridge, was built in 1915. As the former headquarters of the Port of London Authority, the reception of the first United Nations General Assembly was held here and Queen Elizabeth II stayed here at least once. From the exquisitely embossed sculptures to the hand-carved walnut paneling, each part of this building highlights grandeur and dignity. Over the centuries, this building has witnessed the glory of the Great Empire of the Seas.

At a time of greater prosperity, a large number of oil paintings were hung in the entire building. Experiencing the ravages of war and vicissitude of life, most of the oil paintings originally hung in the building are now gone. The remaining one records the most important historical event after war that occurred in this building - the reception for the first General Assembly of the United Nations. The painting does not highlight skill and style, but deploy the general method of news reporting to catch this important moment and keep it eternally.

In 2010, responding to the call of the national “going out” strategy, Reignwood Group acquired this magnificent heritage building, following a path of harmonious development between cultural protection and modern business, with a global vision. The restoration and conversion of Ten Trinity Square faced unexpected challenges due to its unique status as a heritage building. Planning consent was required at every turn. Challenged arose from the very start with Roman archeological finds dating back to the first century AD, delaying work for almost a year as a team of 30 archeologists unearthing the history of this prestigious site, making this building a veritable “historical museum”.

This huge project lasted for seven years, assembling a world-class team of specialists with shared expertise from 20 countries. It created nearly one thousand job opportunities with 3.5 million man hours going into working on the restoration. It is the most people-intensive renovation of a building in London during the last decade.

In 2018, the Four Seasons Hotel at Ten Trinity Square won nine awards including the 2018-2019 London's Best Hotel of the Year. In July 2019, Ten Trinity Square project won the Annual City Heritage award issued by the City of London. The host of the City Heritage Society spoke at the awarding ceremony that: “We have witnessed the continuous concentration and patience and arduous transformation of Reignwood Group over the past seven years. The ingenuity put into its renovation by Reignwood Group is another reason for the award. While minimizing the damage to the city and the ancient building texture, it has met the cultural needs of London through protection and reconstruction, embodying the “craftsmanship spirit as an international company.”