Reignwood Ten Trinity Square Wins Annual City Heritage Award


On July 19, Reignwood Ten Trinity Square in London won the annual City Heritage Award, presented by the Lord Mayor of the City of London to the best conservation or refurbishment project in the City of London. The award was jointly nominated by the City Heritage Society and the Worshipful Company of Painter-Stainers.

Despite suffering extensive bomb damage during the Second World War, it survived to host the inaugural assembly of the United Nations in what is now the UN Ballroom. The exquisite dome design and elegant carving decoration exude a classical feel like that in 1922. The perfect integration of history with present is one key reason why Ten Trinity Square wins the annual city award.

The United Kingdom is a world cultural heritage country and a powerful country. As a magnificent building with a history of 100 years, how to complete the renovation project in a different country and culture while conforming with the most stringent cultural heritage protection regulations in the world; and how to maintain the neoclassical architectural style while Ingeniously infusing modern interior design elements, is the key to the successful transformation of this ancient building.

The host of the City Heritage Society and PAINTER-STAINERS spoke at the awards ceremony that, we have witnessed the continuous concentration and patience and arduous transformation of Reignwood Group over the past seven years. The ingenuity put into its renovation by Reignwood Group is another reason for the award, especially the careful renovation of the Seething Lane Gardens, which minimizes the damage to the city and the ancient building texture. At the same time, it has met the cultural needs of London through protection and reconstruction, embodying the “craftsmanship spirit as an international company.

The project director of Reignwood UK, SIMON PATEMAN expressed that the group faced many challenges during the construction including uncovering a number of Roman archaeological finds and restoration of the building’s original structure and heritage protection problem.

Today Ten Trinity Square has been given a new life. It has transformed from the London Port Authority Headquarters into a landmark building featuring Four Seasons Hotel, private apartments and member club. During the past year, it has been one of London's most desirable landmarks. With the advantage of the international platform, Reignwood Group has held many cultural exchange activities “When East Meets West”, which has created a historically significant platform for the cultural exchange between China and the UK. The golden sculpture "Blooming" stands in the courtyard garden of Ten Trinity Square symbolizes not only the roots of Chinese culture, but also the "golden age" of Sino-British relations.