"Reviewing the Past Ten Years and Starting a New Journey" the 10th Anniversary of the Founding of Reignwood Culture Foundation


On October 14, "Reviewing the Past Ten Years and Starting a New Journey" the 10th Anniversary of the Founding of Beijing Reignwood Culture Foundation Cultural Dinner was held in Reignwood Theatre.

Reignwood Cultural Foundation focuses on three main public service lines of heritage protection, youth education and training, and international cultural exchanges, and has gradually expanded its efforts to the fields of poverty alleviation, environmental protection, health, medical care, and technological innovation that are urgently needed by the country and society. It has now grown into a 4A level foundation. As of the third quarter of 2021, the foundation has accepted a total of 1.313 billion yuan donation from Chairman Yan and Reignwood Group, and spent 320 million yuan in the cause of public good and completed 131 public good programs.

Heritage protection is the main line under which the most projects have been carried out. Since 2011, the Foundation has completed 50 public good projects, contributing to the cause of the heritage protection for the country. In 2012, the Foundation built the Reignwood Art Museum to rescue and protect a number of representative cultural collections at home and abroad. At the same time, through various forms such as donation, exhibitions, and performances, it has been committed to safeguarding the cultural heritage, and making the intangible culture heritage accessible to the public.

"When East Meets West" is the unique cultural brand which was launched by the Foundation at the earliest time and has lasted the longest period of time. More than a hundred public good events under the culture brand have been held at home and abroad, allowing it to become a bridge between China and the world.

Youth education and training is currently a key priority of the Foundation. Relying on the resource advantages of Reignwood's green health industry, Reignwood Culture Foundation continues to invest in culture, art education, sports development, etc. and deepen the education and cultivation of youth. It has built a demonstration base for the integration of youth sports and education to promote full development of the integration of sports, education, and medicine.

Silk Road Journey "Belt and Road" photography exhibition global tour is the largest and most precious ever recorded in history "Belt and Road" themed photography exhibition hosted by Reignwood Culture Foundation. The exhibition was on display in Beijing, Hong Kong, London, Singapore and other places during major international conferences.