South Shen and North Yu Calligraphy Exhibition Opens


On September 30th, the South Shen and North Yu calligraphy exhibition hosted by Reignwood Cultural Foundation was opened at Beijing Reignwood Center. Dozens of fine calligraphy works by two calligraphy masters, Shen Yinmo and Yu Youren, were unveiled to the public.

Shen Yinmo and Yu Youren were two calligraphy masters in the 20th century. During the exhibition, a total of 50 calligraphy works are exhibited, including exquisite couplets, fans and letters. These calligraphy works not only embody artistic beauty, but also boast rich historical value. On the opening day, Chairman Mao’s poems and writings were also displayed at the exhibition.

With the revitalization of fine traditional Chinese culture, China's cultural industry is developing prosperously. Chinese calligraphy culture is the world's intangible cultural heritage and also the cultural treasure of the Chinese nation. Inheriting and carrying forward the art of calligraphy, carrying out related education and encouraging calligraphy and literary creation are of great significance for promoting the excellent traditional Chinese culture and improving our cultural quality.