The public program “Chinese Good Family Styles” was officially launched


In terms of family education, are there some interesting historical stories? What is good family style and good family motto? Why is "family value" the most precious asset of a family? On May 24, the public program “Chinese Good Family Styles” hosted by China Cares for the Next Generation Working Committee Healthy Sports Development Center and Beijing Reignwood Culture Foundation was officially launched. The event was broadcast live and the above questions were answered during the event.

Shen Zhu, Secretary General of Reignwood Culture Foundation, gave excellent examples of family styles and family mottoes in Chinese history, allowing audience to have a better understanding of them. She said that family style and family motto is an important part of Chinese traditional culture. China’s family style and motto has a long and rich history. Carrying down this Chinese traditional culture requires the participation of families, schools and society.?

The core concept of this event is "Spread Love to Tens of Thousands of Families; Promote Chinese Traditional Culture". It will interact and communicate with the youth group through offline lectures and online live broadcasts. Meanwhile, various competitions will be launched ranging from painting, writing, photography, short video filming, to dancing, singing, instrumental music performance and family sitcom, all of which aim to reinforce the youth’s understanding of family style and culture.

As the host organizer, since its establishment, Reignwood Culture Foundation has been committed to the protection of material cultural heritage, the inheritance and innovation of intangible cultural heritage, making continuous efforts in promoting international cultural exchanges, and investing in youth cultivation and education, poverty alleviation, etc.