The Symposium on the In-depth Participation by Overseas Chinese in the “Belt and Road” Initiative Development Held in Beijing


On September 27, a symposium on the in-depth participation by overseas Chinese in the “Belt and Road” initiative development organized by Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan Overseas Chinese Committee of the CPPCC was held in the CPPCC Auditorium.

Representatives of overseas Chinese and businessmen from countries along the “Belt and Road”, and members of the leading group for driving the progress of the belt and road initiative as well as leaders of state-owned enterprises, private enterprises, business associations that “go global” and think tank experts attended the symposium. Centering on the topics of information communication, resource sharing, risk prevention, and overseas interest protection, cooperation between domestic enterprises and overseas Chinese businessmen, cultural exchanges between China and foreign countries, and building a public opinion foundation for the “Belt and Road” initiative, the discussions were carried out by participants.?

Regarding the work of the Hong Kong Belt and Road General Chamber of Commerce, Chairman Yan stressed that in order to help enterprises in countries along the “Belt and Road”, especially private enterprises, solve practical difficulties such as lack of information, poor communication, and inadequate cooperation, we have built three platforms in Hong Kong.

The three platforms include the big data integrated service platform for overseas popular projects for Chinese enterprises;the one-stop professional service platform under the structure of the General Chamber of Commerce that gives full play to Hong Kong's strengths and serves the needs of the country; and the?regular project matchmaking meetings jointly established by the General Chamber of Commerce and the Belt and Road Construction Promotion Center of the National Development and Reform Commission.