The "War Horse Kids Race" Closed Successfully


On October 6, the "War Horse Kids Race" was closed successfully in Reignwood Pine Valley. Within the two days' time, ten Olympic champions were on the site to encourage and cheer for the participants. One father expressed that he feels very lucky and it is a rare opportunity for his child to feel the power of Olympics.

Apart from the competition, on the scene all kinds of fun, and colorful activities are taking place. The beautiful green scenery of Reignwood Pine Valley, where the event is held, attracts people to take pictures. To enrich the holiday experiences, there are also multiple entertainments offered such as equestrianism, youth golf, hot springs, cultural exhibitions, etc.

Reignwood Pine Valley has been implementing the "National Fitness Program" by promoting the integration of sports and education, and continuously creating a distinctive "sports business card". It has become a comprehensive park integrating various sports programs and large events. As the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics approach, some ice and snow sports activities will be held here. At the same time, the "Almighty Kids" course will be optimized continuously, integrating more sports programs and elements to create a more unique and meaningful competition.