This July 1, We are Together


July 1, 2020 welcomes a good day that marks the 99th anniversary of the founding of the CPC, and it is also the Brand Day of Reignwood Group. On this great day, Reignwood is to hold the special event “A Celebration by Ten Thousand people; Ten Million Yuan Rewards".

Over the past six months, under the strong leadership of the party and the country, the national epidemic prevention and control work has achieved tremendous results. Reignwood Group has joined hands with our like-minded partners for many years in fighting side by side against the epidemic and forging ahead in adversity. It has made tremendous contributions to resuming production and stabilizing employment. The staff at the frontline of the market, against all odds and difficulties, achieved a new height in performance.

Although the epidemic created distance between us, it couldn't stop our caring for each other. In order to send sincere caring to the front-line Reignwood staff and inspire all Reignwood employees to make persistent efforts and win greater achievements, the event has set up rich big prizes to celebrate this great day.

On July 1 at 16:00, see you there!

  1. Prize arrangements:

The rewards include coupons, prizes and bonuses and mysterious guests are invited to draw the prize online.

  1. Who can participate?

Reignwood staff and partners

  1. How to participate?

To find more event arrangements, please follow We-media accounts of Reignwood Group.