Tree Planting Day: Remaining True to Its Original Aspiration and Leading Rural Revitalization


On March 12, Reignwood Culture Foundation held the "Ecological Civilization; Beautiful China" Tree Planting Day at Reignwood Pine Valley in Changping District, Beijing. It also coordinated with Reignwood Health Industrial Parks in Dali, Yunnan and Xianning, Hubei Province to plant over 100 tree saplings in celebration of the 43th national Tree Planting Day. The 2nd Micro-Marathon & Reignwood Health Running Track Launch Ceremony was also held on the same day.

For over two decades, Chairman Yan, member of the National Committee of the CPPCC, has taken the lead in planting trees every year, calling on all staff to make efforts in promoting ecological progress and practicing the concept of green development. Chairman Yan pointed that in the new era, we must earnestly implement the development concept of "clear water and green mountains are mountains of gold and silver", contribute to the Beijing Winter Olympics with green ecology, and promote rural revitalization through green development.

As an advanced sand prevention and control organization and a green garden-style organization in Beijing, Reignwood Pine Valley has won the "Green Development Award" of the 14th People's Corporate Social Responsibility Award by People's Daily. Its project was listed as a model for Beijing's wind prevention and sand control. Since the 1990s, Reignwood Group has made continuous efforts in ecological restoration, afforestation and beautification, and has planted tens of millions of saplings, which completely changed the landscape on this land here. Today's Reignwood Pine Valley is green and vibrant, bringing together health industries such as leisure and sports, hotel and catering, health management, high-tech agriculture, and has become a unique tourist destination connecting the North Beijing Great Wall and Zhangjiakou.

Green achievements provide more possibilities for economic development. While improving environmental quality, Reignwood Pine Valley is actively exploring the path of green recycling development, promoting the application of green energy through green design, green materials, and green construction. It has built a sewage recycling system by itself to accelerate the utilization of waste resources, create a sustainable ecological recycling system and thus accelerate the upgrading and transformation of green industries.

The green health industry empowers rural revitalization and promotes high-quality life. Over the years, Reignwood Pine Valley has created over a thousand job opportunities for the local area. Many local villagers have not only actively engaged in promoting ecological progress, but also been able to make money through developing rural ecological tourism and green agricultural products, which has contributed to rural revitalization.