"War Horse Cup" Polo Invitational Tournament held in Reignwood Pine Valley


On September 21, the "War Horse Cup" Polo Invitational Tournament and an afternoon tea cultural event featured with various Chinese and Western refreshments were held in the Reignwood Pine Valley. ?

The 2021 "War Horse Cup" Mid-Autumn Polo Invitational Tournament was co-organized by Reignwood Polo Club and the 1003 POLO. This is the first polo match jointly created by the two parties with female players as the main player group. Before the match, the signing ceremony of the strategic cooperation between the two parties was held at the game site, marking the official establishment of the Reignwood Polo Club 1003 Polo Team, which aims to promote and revive the polo sport that originates in China, and to inherit and promote polo culture.

The largest highlight of this game comes from the polo players who represent the new force of Chinese women's polo. After four quarters of fierce competition, Reignwood Polo Club 1003 polo team defeated the Chinese women's polo reserve team to win the championship.

Reignwood Pine Valley boasts polo and equestrian competitions and training venues that meet international standards. Through various large-scale horse related competitions, youth education and cultural exchange activities, it calls on more people to participate in this green outdoor sports, and continues to contribute to the development of China's polo and equestrian sports, and to the building of a sports power.