Address from the Chairman

Address from the Chairman

Usher In A New Chapter of Sustainable Development

Reignwood Group has been persistent and developing against all kinds of hardship over the last 30 years. Despite of the daily changing global economy, Reignwood Group stands out by adhering to the excellent enterprise culture, diversified and international development strategies and the revolutionary spirit to keep pace with the times and develop creatively. Thanks to the advanced and healthy modern enterprise development philosophies, strong social responsibilities, inspirations and perspirations of Reignwood staffs, sincere cooperation and full support from the community, Reignwood Group has become an ambassador for Chinese enterprises to the world.

Reignwood Group has been dedicated to explore a sustainable development path and create a green way of life, which is the development philosophy and investment orientation of the enterprise as well as Reignwood Group’s responsibility and commitment for the society. In the future, Reignwood Group will go hand in hand with international partners and tens of thousands of staffs, to continuously lead the modern healthy life trends.



Mr. Yanbin is a renowned leader of overseas Chinese and patriotic industrialist. He is member of the 13th CPPCC CommitteeCo-Chairman of the Belt and Road General Chamber of Commerce (Hong Kong), Honorary President of China Federation of Overseas Chinese Entrepreneurs and chairman of Reignwood Group.

With a firm commitment to serve the country and an entrepreneurial spirit of forging ahead?against difficulties, Mr. Yan Bin founded Reignwood Group in 1984 and created Chinese functional beverage category and therefore is praised as the “the father of Chinese functional beverage”.?As an entrepreneur who has been engaged in the real economy for more than 40 years, 20 years overseas and 20 years in China, Mr. Yan has experienced the important development process of reform and opening up; and he is a witness, participant, promoter as well as beneficiary of the reform and opening up.”

Mr. Yanbin is well recognized and has strong influence among global overseas Chinese. He actively unites and mobilize the strength of vast overseas Chinese, making prominent contribution to the cooperation and communication in economics, culture, art and sport between China and the United States, UK, ASEAN countries etc,. He was awarded the “Outstanding Overseas Chinese Entrepreneurship Award” by the Overseas Chinese Affairs Office of the State Council, the “Jinghua Award”, the highest award awarded to overseas Chinese and Hong Kong and Macao compatriots, and “Top 100 Chinese Enterpreneurs” "the most visionary business leaders", "the most respected entrepreneurs", " the 40th anniversary of reform and opening up China's food industry meritorious entrepreneurs" and other honors.

To cooperate with the Belt and Road Initiative, Mr. Yanbin jointly established the General Chamber of “the Belt and Road” in Hong Kong in 2017 and held position as co-chair. This platform will be utilized to promote national strategy, help Hong Kong play the role of International Financial Center, unite all the patriots in Hong Kong, serve the needs of the country and play advantages of Hong Kong, promoting the construction of “the Belt and Road” in many different aspects.

In aspect of culture, Mr. Yanbin initiated “Silk Road - the Belt and Road” photo exhibition global tour. Through 350,000 precious photos took by the first photographer in the world who retraced both land and maritime silk road, the tour represents the human history and natural features of the countries along the Belt and Road and deepens the understanding and attention of local people to the strategy of this initiative. The exhibition has been exhibited in 13 countries and regions with more than 100,000 visitors.