2024 Miyun Ecological Marathon: Driving Green and Healthy Development through Culture and Tourism Integration


On April 26, 2024, the Miyun Ecological Marathon press conference was held at Beijing Reignwood?Miyun Airport. During the conference, the organizing committee introduced the highlights of this year's event and released various race information such as race medals and?apparel.

The 2024 Miyun Ecological Marathon is set to commence on May 26th, and it has attracted a record-breaking number of 42,000 participants registered?and ultimately, 12,000 runners will step onto the race?course.?The event is jointly organized by the Beijing Municipal Sports Bureau and the Miyun District People's Government. The Warhorse Energy Vitamin Drink from Reignwood?FMCG Group and VOSS?Natural Mineral Water, as the top sponsors, provide energy support for the event.

Reignwood Group has always adhered to the concept of green development and the integration of culture and tourism, taking practical actions to support rural revitalization and the integration of sports and education. The sponsorship of the 2024 Miyun Ecological Marathon by Reignwood Group is not just a demonstration of its commitment to promoting green and healthy concept, but also a proactive effort to drive the integration of culture, tourism, and rural revitalization, showcasing the company's sense of corporate social responsibility and dedication.

As the inaugural Vice Chairman unit of the Beijing Miyun Reservoir Conservation Public Welfare Foundation, the foundation has supported public welfare activities such as ecological restoration, ecological conservation publicity, poverty alleviation in the Miyun Reservoir basin for many consecutive years. In this marathon event, the foundation collaborates with ?the Miyun Reservoir Conservation Fund, integrating resources and dedicated funding, to promote water conservation concepts and culture to the society during the event and encourage water conservation actions.

Reignwood?Miyun Airport will provide venue and logistical support for the organization of this marathon event, and will also hold a carnival after the event to promote the integrated development of sports and education among youth and enhance their ecological awareness.