China and Thailand Lantern Festival Celebration Held in Reignwood Park


On February 24th, the Lantern Festival, the cultural event "Legendary Chinese Festival - Thailand and China?Lantern Festival?Celebration" organized by Reignwood Culture?Foundation, was held at Reignwood?East-West Cultural Exchange Center (ASEAN). This event is the continuation of?the " China and Thailand Chinese New Year Celebration"?, bringing a unique cultural exchange feast to the people of China and Thailand.

Chinese Ambassador to the Kingdom of Thailand, Mr. Han Zhiqiang, Cultural Counsellor of the Chinese Embassy in Thailand, Mr. Chang Yumeng, Dr. Jing Feng, Director of the Asia-Pacific Department of the UNESCO World Heritage Center, accompanied by his wife, Mrs. Zhao Yufen, Ms. Yan Danhua, Executive President (Overseas) of Reignwood?Group, Minister Pongsak, President of Reignwood?Group's ASEAN projects, Mr. Lu Zhan, Secretary-General of Reignwood?Culture Foundation, along with local overseas Chinese?and?Thai people, participated in the event, experiencing the charm of the Chinese traditional festival.

Ambassador Han Zhiqiang, expressed at the opening ceremony?that, celebrating the Lantern Festival and connecting with friends at Reignwood Park?is truly delightful.?The Park, painstakingly developed by Mr. Yan Bin, is a masterpiece harmoniously blending Eastern and Western cultures. One of its most prominent features is the Renshou Hall, a perfect representation of Chinese architectural aesthetics displayed in Thailand. He also congratulated Mr. Yan Bin, Reignwood Group, and Reignwood Culture Foundation for their significant contributions to promoting cultural exchange between East and West and cultivating the legacy of Chinese culture.

Ms. Yan Danhua, CEO of Reignwood Group (Overseas), stated, "Through cultural exchange activities between China and Thailand, our goal is to enhance cultural exchange and integration between the two nations, offering people the opportunity to appreciate the allure of both cultures and the festive spirit. Additionally, Reignwood Park will continue to evolve into an international cultural exchange platform, facilitating mutual trust, economic and trade growth between China and Thailand, and nurturing the enduring friendship between the two countries."

During the event, guests also participated in the lively and engaging traditional custom activity of "guessing riddles," deepening their understanding of the cultural richness of the Lantern Festival. After the performances, guests visited the traditional folk culture exhibition hall of the Lantern Festival, where they had the opportunity to experience cultural activities such as making sweet dumplings, crafting lanterns, practicing calligraphy, engaging in tea ceremonies, and more.

During the event, in order to encourage and recognize individuals actively preserving and promoting Chinese folk culture overseas and showcasing the beauty of traditional Chinese culture through folk arts and craftsmanship, Reignwood Culture Foundation initiated the "Chinese Folk Culture Heritage Award." Certificates were presented to the recipients by Dr. Jing Feng, and Ms. Lu Zhan during the event. It is believed that more individuals will participate in the public welfare initiatives of cultural heritage and cultural exchange, promoting the preservation and innovation of culture, and driving the flourishing development of Chinese excellent traditional culture.