Protecting the "Water Reservoir of the Capital": Reignwood Supports the Ecological Civilization Construction of the Miyun Reservoir


This year marks the 75th anniversary of the People's Republic of China and is a crucial year for achieving the goals of the "14th Five-Year Plan". The 2024 Government Work Report emphasizes the need to strengthen ecological civilization construction and promote green and low-carbon development. As the largest water conservancy project in North China, Miyun Reservoir serves as the "big water reservoir" for the people of Beijing. Taking proactive action, Reignwood Culture Foundation supports the ecological civilization construction of Miyun Reservoir in various aspects, including environmental protection, rural revitalization in Miyun District, fostering environmental awareness among youth, and utilizing technology to enhance reservoir management.

In 2021, the Miyun District Committee and Government took the lead in establishing the Miyun Reservoir Conservation Public Welfare Foundation. With the support of Mr. Yan Bin, the Honorary Chairman of Reignwood Culture Foundation, Reignwood Culture Foundation became the inaugural Vice Chairman unit of the Beijing Miyun Reservoir Conservation Public Welfare Foundation in 2021. It has assisted the Miyun foundation in carrying out public welfare activities in the areas of ecological restoration, ecological protection publicity, poverty alleviation, jointly crafting an "ecological answer sheet" for the Miyun Reservoir.

Actively practicing the concept of lush green mountains and clear waters being as valuable as treasures of gold and silver, Reignwood Culture Foundation and the Beijing Miyun Reservoir Conservation Public Welfare Foundation have joined hands in driving social welfare and the "Beautiful Water Industry," promoting the development of a green economy. In order to ensure the construction of the Miyun Reservoir, residents of the surrounding towns and villages have made significant sacrifices and contributions, with Ganhechang Village being one of them. In 2023, Reignwood Culture Foundation supported the village by contributing to the construction of a cultural wall, deeply engaging in rural revitalization through the power of public welfare, enhancing rural cultural public services, and promoting the spiritual and cultural development of the countryside.

In May 2023, Reignwood Culture Foundation supported the Miyun Marathon Parent-Child Run project. Guided by the purpose of youth sports education, the Foundation actively participated in the entire event and promoted the concept of reservoir conservation, aiming to cultivate environmental protection and ecological civilization awareness among the young generation while promoting the development of youth sports.

In February 2024, Reignwood Miyun Airport started offering drone training courses. Eleven students from the Miyun Reservoir Law Enforcement Team received theoretical and practical flight lessons under the guidance of experienced instructors, enabling them to acquire comprehensive knowledge and skills in operating drones. As one of the first airports in northern China to obtain an A1 class general airport operating license, Reignwood Miyun Airport has become the most well-equipped infrastructure, with the largest airspace area, the highest number of resident fleets, and the most comprehensive operating qualifications among general airports in northern China. It has also planned and designed dedicated classrooms for drone training and several thousand square meters of practical training areas, ensuring that students have ample opportunities for learning and practical experience. After completing the drone training and obtaining their pilot certificates, students will have the opportunity to utilize cutting-edge drones that showcase innovation, energy efficiency, environmental friendliness, and advanced technology. They will be able to actively participate in diverse tasks at the Miyun Reservoir, including emergency response, forest fire prevention, and high-voltage line inspections, thereby preserving the green ecosystem of the Miyun Reservoir.

Embracing the principle of "green mountains and clear waters are as valuable as mountains of gold and silver," Reignwood Culture Foundation and Reignwood Group are committed to collaborating with various sectors of society to collectively promote ecological management and environmental enhancement and cultivate a beautiful China where people and nature coexist harmoniously.