Building a Path to Healthy Growth: Reignwood's Continued Commitment to Nutrition Education for Youth


On April 14th, the symposium commemorating the 105th anniversary of Yu Ruomu's birth and the 2024 Conference on Nutrition and Health Development Promotion were held grandly in Beijing. Themed "Inheriting Yu Ruomu's Nutritional and Health Concepts?and Promoting the Development of Nutrition and Health" the conference reviewed Mr. Yu Ruomu's outstanding contributions to the field of nutrition and health. It also focused on current hot topics in nutrition and health, particularly the nutrition?and food education of young people, making valuable contributions to the advancement?of a healthy China.

The conference is hosted by the Chinese Student Nutrition and Health Promotion Association, Beijing Yuruomu Charity Foundation, and co-organized by Beijing Reignwood Culture Foundation, COFCO Nutrition and Health Research Institute, and the China Industry-University-Research Collaboration Association.

Mr. Yan Bin, Founder and Honorary Chairman of Reignwood Culture Foundation, has always been concerned about the healthy growth of young children. Upon the commission of Mr. Yan Bin, Secretary-General of Reignwood Culture Foundation Lu Zhan delivered a speech, introducing the foundation's involvement in the nutrition and health industry. In collaboration with Beijing Yurmoo Charity Foundation, Reignwood Culture Foundation has carried out the public welfare initiative "Healthy China Action, Food Education into Campus" for five consecutive years. They have also joined forces with various social forces to establish "Youth Sports and Education Integration Demonstration Bases" and "Study and Practice Education Bases for Primary and Secondary School Students" in Beijing's Changping district, Jingu Lake in Hubei, and Dali in Yunnan. They have supported youth-oriented IP events like "Warhorse Kids Race" and hosted public welfare activities such as "China Good Family Tradition - Promoting Excellent Chinese Traditional Culture in Schools" comprehensively promoting the physical and mental health of young people, benefiting over 1.1 million teenagers.

Reignwood Culture Foundation actively responds to the national call for "Healthy China" strategy by integrating the concept of health culture into its own development. It will continue to deepen the public welfare action of "Healthy China Action, Food Education into Campus" and has signed a cooperation agreement with Beijing Yurmoo Charity Foundation to promote the popularization and development of nutrition education in schools.

As a pioneer in the field of nutrition in our country, Mr. Yu Ruomu has actively advocated and pushed forward the implementation of various nutrition and health initiatives such as the "Protecting Seedlings Project," "Soybean Action Plan," "Student Nutrition Meals," and "Student Drinking Milk Program," making outstanding contributions to improving the national health level. At the conference, the "Exhibition on the Life Achievements of Mr. Yu Ruomu" sparked the interest of attending guests. Many participants expressed their commitment to carrying forward Mr. Yu Ruomu's nutrition and health concepts and putting them into practice, thereby contributing to the ongoing development of a healthier China.

As the sole donor of Reigwnood Culture Foundation, Reignwood Group will uphold the concept of "Creating a Healthy Life through Healthy Beverages" and continue to promote health culture, develop nutritious beverages, and foster "new quality productive forces" of the industry, providing energy and support to young children.

Nutrition and health initiatives play a crucial role in safeguarding the well-being of the nation, and fostering the healthy growth of young children is imperative for shaping the future of the country. With the support of Reignwood Group and Chairman Yan, Reignwood Culture Foundation will carry forward the spirit of Mr. Yu Ruomu. By deepening the action of nutrition education in schools, it will pave the way for the healthy growth of young people,and contribute more to the development of a healthy China and the well-being of young generations.