Advancing Towards the Spring of High Quality Development


In the beverage production plants of Reignwood?Fast Moving Consumer Goods , workers are busy at their respective positions as the production lines for unpacking, cleaning, filling and thermal shrinking are running in an orderly manner. Reignwood?Fast Moving Consumer Goods Group is making good progress to achieve its goals,?delivering a new?wave of production growth.

After 14 years of ecological governance, Reignwood?Dali Wellness Capital has planted over one million green plants on over 3,000 acres of barren hills, bringing the?wasteland to life. ?

During the Spring Festival, Reignwood Pine Valley?Ski Resort held the "Beijing Public Skiing Exercise Level " assessment activity, which is part of of its efforts to build up the youth ice and snow sports experience base?that has attracted?a cohort of?skiing enthusiasts.?The skiing experience resort for beginners featuring good snow quality, dedicated and professional snowboard and ski coaches, youth and adult skiing exercise level?assessment as well as fun?youth competitions and activities, making it a popular spot for young people to engage in sports activities.

Reignwood Pine Valley Ski Resort has received over 32,000 visitors, among whom 80% are families with teens. The resort ranks first on the Changping leisure sports collection list and fourth on the Beijing leisure sports collection list on the Douyin OTA platform with a positive rating of 97%.

The Elusive Alien - Aquarius, as part of the constellation-themed drama "The Wishing Castle”?is to open at Reignwood Theatre, Beijing's internet famous destination. As the first immersive birthday party interactive play, this drama has broken the boundaries of performance viewing. In the future, Reignwood Culture Foundation will continue to facilitate the integration of culture and business model to promote cultural innovation and development.