Chairman Yan Honored with the "Outstanding Contribution Award for Entrepreneurs"


On December 8th, the expanded meeting of the 2023 council of the China Beverage Industry Association and the 30th anniversary celebration of the association's establishment were held in Beijing. The conference served as a platform for domestic beverage enterprises to commemorate the illustrious 40-year history of the beverage industry and deliberate strategies for fostering high-quality development within the sector. Additionally, the conference honored exceptional companies, entrepreneurs, and industry professionals for their outstanding contributions among the association's members.

At the conference, Mr. Yan Bin, a distinguished?overseas Chinese leader, an esteemed entrepreneur?and Chairman of Reignwood was recognized with the prestigious "Outstanding Contribution Award for Entrepreneurs." Reignwood?Fast Moving Consumer Goods Group was also awarded with honors including "Top 19 Leading Enterprises with High-Quality Development," "Excellent Performance Enterprise in China's Beverage Industry," and "Excellent Enterprise in Practicing Social Responsibility in China's Beverage Industry in 2022."

Over the past three decades, Reignwood Fast Moving Consumer Goods, led by Chairman Yan Bin, has achieved remarkable progress. The company has been committed to the vision of "creating a healthy life through wholesome beverages" and has consistently contributed to the thriving growth of China's beverage industry.

China Red Bull, a leading brand in functional beverages, played a pioneering role in establishing the functional beverage category in China. Chairman Yan Bin, widely recognized as the "Father of Functional Beverages in China," has been instrumental in this achievement. In the span of 30 years, China Red Bull has made significant contributions to the development of China's beverage industry, with a cumulative production volume surpassing 58 billion cans and a cumulative production value exceeding 281.5 billion yuan?as well as?a cumulative tax payment of 42 billion yuan.

Recognized by the China Beverage Industry Association, Reignwood Fast Moving Consumer Goods Group has been acknowledged for its exceptional performance in sustainable development, including areas like environmental conservation and social welfare. The company has also achieved notable milestones in the establishment of industry standards, formulation of industrial policies, and demonstrated excellence in operational results, business integrity, technological innovation, and safety production.

Recognized as a frontrunner in the beverage industry, Reignwood Fast Moving Consumer Goods Group has consistently pursued high-quality development, fostering continuous product innovation, technological advancement, and management innovation. The company is dedicated to implementing environmentally friendly and low-carbon production methods, reinforcing its core competitive edge, and catering to the diverse demands of various consumer segments.

In the future, Reignwood Fast Moving Consumer Goods Group remains committed to the guiding principle of "opening paths through mountains and building bridges over water". The company will persist in offering consumers healthier and higher-quality beverages. By continuously strengthening its overall capabilities and competitiveness, Reignwood aims to make significant contributions to the industry's advancement.