Fueling Dreams | Reignwood’s Public Welfare Donation Empowers Rural Revitalization


The"Practical Handbook for Rural Doctors" Charity Donation Launching Ceremony of Beijing Rural Doctors Donation Event, co- hosted by the Beijing Huimin Medical and Health Care Development Foundation and Reignwood Culture Foundation was held in Beijing. Representatives of the Reignwood Culture Foundation and the leaders and experts present donated 2,000 manuals to more than 30 rural doctor representatives from ten districts in Beijing.

In 2020, Reignwood Culture Foundation partnered with Beijing Huimin Medical and Health Care Development Foundation to officially launch the "Practical Handbook for Rural Doctors" project and signed a donation agreement. The handbook was collectively written by a committee of authoritative clinical experts. The handbook was selected as a funded project by the National Publishing Fund for the year 2023.

Mr. Yan Bin, Chairman of Reignwood Group and honorary Chairman of Reignwood Culture Foundation, has always?been prioritizing integrating health concepts into corporate and philanthropic endeavors. Such efforts have been extended towards crucial areas such as poverty alleviation, healthcare, and medical services that benefit the nation and society at large.

Meanwhile, Reignwood Group has also been fully participated in the cause of rural revitalization through cultural revitalization, ecological revitalization, economic revitalization and other actions.