“Fueling the Dream”-Nutrient Cooking Skills Competition successfully concluded in Beijing


On November 21st, the Healthy China Food Education into Campus Charity Action and the finals of“Fueling the Dream-Nutrient Cooking Skills Competition”was concluded at Reignwood Pine Valley. The competition was hosted by Beijing Yuruomu Charity Foundation and Beijing Reignwood Culture Foundation, and co-organized by China Oriental Education Group and China Industry-University-Research Cooperation Promotion Association's Collaborative Innovation Platform for Nutritious Meals Industry.

In 2023, the event selected New Oriental Cooking School (the cradle of Chinese chefs), under the Xin Hua Education Group, as the pilot site. Through collaborating with China’s top vocational education institution, the event aims to enhance awareness and innovation in healthy cooking. It seeks to guide and support healthy catering practices from the very beginning, cultivate future culinary professionals with a strong emphasis on healthy dietary culture, and promote nutrition and health concepts. With the intention of setting a benchmark and gradually disseminating their experiences to society, this initiative strives to contribute to a healthier China by continuously meeting people's demand for nutritious and wholesome diets.

This competition is a proactive implementation of this concept, embracing the principles of "learning through competition" and "health promotion through competition." It encourages students to integrate their knowledge of nutrition and healthy cooking techniques during the competition. The evaluation criteria for the competition place significant importance on the nutritional and healthy composition of the entire meal. By promoting the rich heritage of Chinese dietary culture and propagating the concept of balanced diets, it aims to guide the public towards a deeper appreciation of the significance of nutrition and healthy eating.

Following a rigorous selection process, students from New Oriental Cooking Schools in Anhui, Jiangsu, Hubei, and Changsha participated in the Grand Finale with the theme of "Chinese New Year's Eve Feast". These four participating teams successfully prepared all the required dishes within the given time frame. Additionally, they confidently presented their design concepts, nutritional considerations, and skillful cooking techniques, effectively showcasing their exceptional culinary abilities. After comprehensive evaluations by expert judges and the public judges, the Jiangsu team was awarded first prize, the Changsha team received second prize, and the Hubei and Anhui teams were awarded third prizes. Additionally, the Hubei team was honored with the Best Popularity Award.

For many years, Reignwood Culture Foundation, under the leadership of Mr. Yan Bin, the honorary chairman, has actively integrated with national strategies, consistently focusing on youth education and cultural exchange. The competition, held at the New Oriental Cooking School, offers aspiring practitioners in the food and beverage industry a platform to combine theoretical knowledge with practical skills. It aims to instill a scientific approach to diet, empower students to pursue their professional aspirations, and contribute to the preservation and promotion of China's rich culinary traditions.