Greening Our Homeland Reignwood“Go Green” Tree Planting Campaign held in Reignwood Pine Valley


On March 21st, which marks the Spring Equinox, one of the 24 solar terms in China, Reignwood Group held the Reignwood “Go Green”?Thousands of People Tree Planting Campaign in Reignwood Pine Valley. Thousands of Reignwood’s “green ambassadors”?from Beijing, Dali, Xianning and Bangkok planted trees together?with Reignwood's good and old friends?via video link. Mr Jiang Xiuyu, Vice President of Beijing Olympic City Development Promotion Association, management leaders and staff of Reignwood Group?attended the event.

Green is a concept, but also an action. In the past 12 years, the Foundation has been upholding the?principle?of keeping the country in mind and?carrying forward cultural heritage, and been committed?to the three main lines of public?interest, covering heritage protection, youth education and cultivation, and international cultural exchanges. It has been also?contributing to ecological progress?and the construction of a "beautiful China".

Mrs?Lu Zhan, Secretary General of the Reignwood?Culture Foundation, noted that planting trees is a traditional virtue of the Chinese nation, and has been a glorious tradition of Reignwood people for nearly 40 years. Reignwood Pine Valley?is a vivid example of "green development empowered by culture". The Foundation has built a comprehensive quality education base for young people here, opened a series of cultural themed?activities to popularize green knowledge?and spread ecological civilization. We will also take the concept of "green hills?and?clear water?are golden and?silver mountains"?to ASEAN and tell the story of China's green development to the world along the "Belt and Road".

To implement the "Two Mountains" concept, Reignwood?Group has been carrying?out a tree planting campaign for nearly 40 years, from the north to the south?and from China to the?countries along the?"Belt and Road", which is carried forward by three generations, from old to middle-aged then to young.?The event also introduced the green development stories of Reignwood Pine Valley, Reignwood Dali Health Capital, Reignwood?Jingui Lake, Hubei Xianning Production Base of Reignwood?FMCG Group and Reignwood?ASEAN Health Industrial Park by showing a promotional film of its?green planting action.

Green is the base colour of Chinese modernization, and pursuing sustainable development among?clear waters and green?hills?is not only?a national strategic requirement but also?the original aspiration and mission of Reignwood?Group. Reignwood will?carry forward the fine tradition of planting trees,?continuously?carry out greening actions to add add more "Chinese green" to the earth.