Let's Act Together in a Safety Fairytale Play!


On June 19, 2023, the "Let's Act Together in a Safety Fairytale Play!" & Summer Donation Event for preventing accidental injuries among minors was held at Chaoyang Experimental Primary School in Chaoyang District, Beijing. Reignwood Culture Foundation was one of the major sponsors of the event. Nearly 600 primary schools and kindergartens from Beijing, Hebei, Shanxi, Inner Mongolia and other provinces and cities received donations.

Summer is a high incidence period for accidental injuries among children. The purpose of this event is to enable children to learn and master knowledge of preventing drowning, traffic accidents, abduction, high-altitude falling, and other safety topics in a fun and educational way, reduce the occurrence of accidental injuries, and contribute to a safe China.

Swimming to cool off is a popular way for many people to enjoy the summer, but drowning accidents among young children and teenagers also become more frequent during this time. On that day, children from Beijing, Luanping County and Guangzong County in Hebei, and Bairin Zuoqi?in Inner Mongolia gathered together and performed a lively safety fairytale play called "Preventing Drowning".?

The children also integrated local intangible cultural heritage art projects, such as the horsehead fiddle, Fanshan Jiaozi, a folk male dance, Peking Opera, Henan Opera, and other local specialties into the play. Through a series of fun interactions, the children were better able to understand the dangers of drowning, and learn?and master various drowning prevention knowledge.

Mr. Zheng Guoguang, secretary general of the?National Disaster?Reduction Committee,?said: "Improving the safety awareness and disaster response capabilities of minors should be widely valued by the whole society. To further strengthen disaster prevention and reduction popular science education, we should start with children and comprehensively improve the scientific literacy of people in disaster prevention and mitigation. Today's event is a very good innovative practice for disaster prevention and reduction popular science."

At the event, Reignwood?Culture?Foundation, together with other?major organizers, donated 800 sets of props, costumes, scripts, and musical instruments for?safety fairytale plays?to nearly 600 primary schools and kindergartens across the country. They also donated books on accidental injuries?prevention?as well as?on manners and etiquette.?In the later stages of the event, Reignwood Culture?Foundation will continue to work with more social forces to further safeguard the safety of children.