Places for You to Enjoy at the Beginning of Winter


Lidong is the first solar term of winter, marking the official start of winter. As the temperature changes dramatically, do you yearn for the bright and hot days of summer, or do you look forward to the cold and chill of winter? No matter which side you're on, in Reignwood's global industrial park integrating culture, sports, health and ecology, you can always find the temperature that suits you best!

As the temperature drops to -10℃~0℃, a haven awaits winter enthusiasts at the freezing point!

Under the attack of cold waves, temperatures across the country are experiencing a "big dive." Located in the capital, Beijing, let's learn about Beijing Reignwood?Pine Valley?Ski Resort. With excellent snow quality, the ski resort offers a snow track that is perfect for families and children to learn skiing. The resort aims to provide an enjoyable skiing experience, promote the integration of sports and education, and cultivate a love for skiing among children.

Of course, you can also enjoy hot springs and swimming pools here. Experience activities such as horse riding, golf, soccer, and frisbee. Within the park, which has a 98% greening rate, you can explore how Reignwood Group has transformed over 6,400?mu?of sandy land into beautiful ecological gardens through nearly 30 years of dedicated efforts in ecological restoration, environmental greening, and beautification projects.

With a pleasant and cozy temperature ranging from 0°C to 20°C, there is a gathering place for spring enthusiasts to embrace the season!

?Are you longing to experience a livable temperature that feels like spring, even in the midst of chilling winter winds? Then, you definitely cannot miss @Dali Reignwood Health Capital! The Reignwood team has dedicated over a decade to their green initiatives, resulting in the creation of the breathtaking "Most Beautiful 10 Kilometers" - the Reignwood Travel Trail. As you walk along this trail, you will be captivated by picturesque scenery, including over 1.1 million "pandas of the plant kingdom" - the Yews, and more than 100 different types of trees like maple, bayberry, and cherry blossoms. Even in winter, the area maintains its vibrancy, with a greening area spanning over 3,000 mu. This achievement truly exemplifies the transformation of barren mountains into lush greenery through ecological restoration.

Mars Paradise, the Reignwood Education and Sports Integration Practice Base, encompasses the captivating themes of Mars and cacti and offers a unique blend of leisure, physical activity, family-friendly entertainment, picturesque photo spots, a connection with nature, and engaging science adventures. With its enchanting Hobbit-like cottages, dreamy and surreal giant slides, a large-scale simulated hilly balance bike track, and an exhilarating climbing experience, Mars Paradise provides an immersive exploration of the integration of physical and educational practices, fostering stronger bonds within families.

As one of the first low-carbon demonstration zone projects in Hubei Province, the Reignwood Jin Gui Lake Low-carbon Demonstration Zone has undergone over a decade of wetland restoration and will soon become a youth sports and education integration base with a distinct focus on water fashion sports. Here, you can fully embrace a healthy and leisurely lifestyle in the refreshing winter environment.

Get ready to groove with tropical vibes as the temperature rises to a sizzling 20℃~30℃! The summer party has arrived!

Want to experience the summertime heat in the midst of winter? Make sure to visit @Reignwood Park! As we approach the tenth anniversary of the "Belt and Road" initiative in 2023, Reignwood Park officially completed its construction in Bangkok, Thailand this May, taking on the historical mission of promoting the China-ASEAN Community of Shared Future.

Reignwood East-West Cultural Exchange Center in the park is based on the design of the Ren Shou Palace in the Summer Palace, which is meticulously restored in a 1:1 scale using the traditional mortise and tenon craftsmanship. With its golden tiles, red walls, flying eaves, and upturned corners, the total number of wooden components used in the construction reaches 350,000. It is the largest overseas traditional Chinese wooden structure building in nearly half a century, showcasing the beauty of ancient Chinese architecture.

Dr. Jing Feng, Chief of the?Asia?and the?Pacific?Unit of the?UNESCO?World Heritage Centre, commented: "Reignwood East-West Cultural Exchange Center, with its traditional Chinese wooden structure and exquisite mortise and tenon craftsmanship, authentically showcases China's architectural treasures in the ASEAN region. It represents a significant step in the promotion of Chinese culture overseas, and is a remarkable innovation in combining tangible and intangible cultural elements."