Reignwood Culture Foundation holds the Moon Festival Gala


On September 28th, Reignwood?Culture Foundation held the?Moon?Festival Gala, aiming to promote the high-quality development of the Belt and Road Initiative through the power of culture.?Political, economic, business, cultural, and artistic representatives from China and Thailand, as well as young international students, celebrated together in Beijing, Wuxi, and Bangkok. The gala showcased a wide variety of artistic expressions such as music, dance, opera, and exhibitions, attracting?over 500 guests in person and garnering the attention of hundreds of thousands of online viewers.

At the gala, Chairman Yan extended a warm welcome to the attendees and stated, "Today, Chinese people from all corners of the globe are admiring the moon and celebrating this festival. We are coming together with familiar faces and new acquaintances to strengthen our bonds of friendship through cultural exchange."

Jing Feng,?Chief?of the?Asia-Pacific?Unit of?UNESCO World Heritage Centre, emphasized the significance of protecting cultural heritage for international cultural exchange and peace. He said that,?Reignwood East-West Cultural Exchange Center is a culmination of traditional Chinese wooden architecture, making it the largest overseas Chinese traditional ancient architecture?in nearly half a century. He also expressed gratitude to Chairman Yan and Reignwood Culture Foundation for their efforts, and expressed the hope for continued collaboration to expand cultural exchange among peoples from different countries.

In attendance at the Moon?Festival Gala, Minister of Culture of Thailand, stated, "The cultural initiatives of Reignwood Culture Foundation align with the development requirements and direction of Thailand's cultural and creative industry. We will continue to support such activities."

The gala?featured a range of creative?performances?including Chinese classical piece "Spring River in the Moonlight" and “Wuxi Scenery”?which combined Pingtan and vocals in a new arrangement. Furthermore, the audience was treated to excerpts from Peking Opera, an iconic Chinese art form, such as "Entering the Capital" and "Heavenly Maiden Scattering Flowers."

During the event, under the initiative of honorary chairman Mr. Yan Bin, the "Caring for the Next Generation" Education Special Fund was officially launched.?The establishment of this education fund aims to further leverage the power of social organizations?in fostering international talent, aligning with the objective of promoting high-quality development within the framework of the Belt and Road Initiative.

Currently, the 19th Asian Games in Hangzhou are also in full swing! Reignwood Group actively participates in the Asian Games, with the presence of "War Horse" in the bridge and e-sports events this year.

As the organizer of the event, Reignwood Culture Foundation remains steadfast in promoting cultural heritage and exchange, upholding the mission of promoting excellent traditional Chinese culture, and contributing more to the construction of a community with a shared future for mankind!